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Close Residence

Finnigan Residence

Van Wyk Residence

Nestled on the west rim of the Crooked River Gorge with a panoramic view of the Marsupial Rock formation southwest of Smith Rock State Park, this spectacular ten acre property was home to a lapidated 1,468 SF home.  The existing single level house underutilized the dramatic vistas to the north and surrounding mature landscape that made this property unique.  A second home for a Seattle area resident, the primary focus of this project was to improve livability, the connection from inside to out and incorporate low maintenance modern materials with a color scheme in keeping with the High Desert landscape.

Old Mill District

Deschutes Brewery Production Facility

Situated on an old mill site in the southwest of Bend, this was the Deschutes Brewery’s first production brewery where the company grew from its Brew Pub roots into a brewing manufacturing facility.  The project was one of the first developments in the Shevlin Business Park situated above the west bank of the Deschutes River.

Phase One: 4 level Brew Tower at 880 SF per floor and a 15,000 SF Production Plant.
Construction completed in 1993.

Phase Two: 8,000 SF Production and Storage Addition with a 1,635 SF Mezzanine Addition and 345 SF Laboratory.
Construction completed in 1996.

Phase Three: 17,800 SF Production and Warehouse Expansion, 390 SF Lab, Sensory Testing Room, 2,000 SF elevated catwalk/observation deck system and a stand alone two story 1,520 SF Waste Treatment Facility with 460 SF Office Mezzanine.
Construction completed in 1998.

Phase Four: Two levels of Administrative Offices at approximately 4,500 SF per floor and a 4,400 SF Third level, housing the Mountain Room, a hospitality gathering space with lounge, a 700 SF Catering Kitchen and 800 SF of exterior balcony.
Construction completed in 2000.

Luxurious Comfort

Appel Residence

This three bedroom residence is situated on a nine and a half acre site with commanding views of the Cascade Mountains to the west.  The Owner’s required a home that functioned well for their personal use, epitomized comfortable livability and allowed for privacy when guests would visit or stay for extended periods of time.  The design was center around a spatial great room which serves as the main gathering place to converse around the fireplace, share a meal or to relax and take in the view.  The design, which evolved from traditional Mission style architecture, was adapted to reflect the context of regional rural architecture while addressing the rigors of the harsh High Desert climate.

Local Neighborhood Market

CE Lovejoy’s Brookswood Marketplace

In collaboration with Phillips Enterprises, the design team developed a design for the new Grocery Store based on the concept of providing the local community with quality food staples and wares.  The design emphasized the intimacy of a family owned neighborhood grocery store while reflecting the quality of goods sold by the incorporation of high quality/low maintenance interior finishes that ultimately created an atmosphere that fosters an enjoyable shopping experience.

Sunriver Escape

Westrick Residence

The heart of this design was a small landscaped courtyard with reflecting pond and pavilion hovering over the body of water.  A common plan type for homes in Hong Kong, where the Owner resided during the design process, was the original concept with which this design began.  When arriving to the site you are welcomed by a simple entry that draws you into a cloister that forms one edge of the courtyard.  The home, a four level structure is open to the courtyard and National Forest in the east and west direction but screened from adjoining homes to the north and south offering a sense of privacy while maintaining openness and flexibility in life style.  The living room, dining area, kitchen and conversation anteroom compose the main floor level with a see through masonry fireplace at its core.  Due to the openness of the main level plan, it makes it possible to hold normal conversation between people occupying different spaces.

Modern Showroom

Smolich Nissan Dealership

A new Nissan Dealership boasts a modern showroom, state of the art service center and parts departments.  The design evolved from the Nissan Retail Environmental Design Initiative which was a new Brand Identity for Nissan.  The prototypical design was adapted to meet the City of Bend’s commercial design standards incorporating shed roofs that emulate the Cascade Mountains on the horizon to the west.

Osprey Pointe

Along the pristine first fairway of the Crosswater Golf Course in Sunriver lies the Osprey Pointe development which contains single family homes and vacation rentals.  Four Plan types were generated based  upon the regional northwest lodge architecture with open vaulted ceilings with exposed heavy timber trusses:

Renovated Chinese Restaurant

Chan’s Restaurant

In the summer of 2010 a devastating fire swept through the existing restaurant requiring the demolition of the building interior and parts of the structural roof framing.  This gave the design team an opportunity to create a restaurant interior that was not your typical Chinese Restaurant décor.  The vibrant interior color palette was selected from earth tone colors predominately found in the rich geology of Central Oregon.

Smith Rock

Tuscan Stables at Ranch of the Canyons

The stables, patterned after Tuscan vernacular architecture, were created as a show piece for the sale of residential properties for this upscale Central Oregon real estate development.  This stunning property borders the Crooked River Canyon with the geological wonders of Smith Rock State Park as the panoramic backdrop.  The stables house 3 working horse stalls, a wash down stall, tack room and upper level loggia.  The porte cochère located in the center of the design was intentionally located on axis with Monkey Face, a predominant rock formation in the park and links the stables with the maintenance shop and office.