Behind the dynamic presence of TDA is Tom Deatherage, a native Oregonian who tumbled into the world of art at a young age. Though painting, drawing, and ceramics were Tom’s first loves, he somehow found himself in pre-med at the University of Oregon. After quickly reassessing, Tom wondered: what can I do that circles me back to my artistic roots?

Then the light bulb came on: architecture.

Fast forward a few decades and Tom has lived, designed, and built residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the U.S. and Australia. From large-scale commercial and institutional projects to private home builds to smaller renovations, Tom’s architecture speaks volumes. His focus on the importance of context and the surrounding environment comes through clearly in all of his designs.

How does a piece of architecture fit into the topography and flora of a place? What about the context of a region? How will a design work in terms of its particular region’s architectural vernacular? Regardless of scale and purpose, these are the questions Tom asks himself when starting in wholeheartedly on a project. He wants the architecture to be of an environment, not an intrusion upon it.

Tom, a Central Oregon architect, is on the quieter side, but mostly because he’s listening. He carries a soft chuckle with him wherever he goes. He also takes time to breathe a little before he speaks, mostly because he’s thinking about what you just said. It’s all about how well rather than how fast.

Areas of expertise

  • Site Selection
  • Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Design
  • ADA Compliance Review
  • Construction Management
  • Green Building
  • Zero Energy Homes
  • LEED Buildings
  • Residential Architecture
  • Commercial, Educational, Historic, Industrial, Mixed use building
  • Remodeling
  • Renewable Energy, Sustainable Design
  • Concept and Feasibility Studies
  • Accessibility Reviews and Code Interpretations

Tom is a registered architect and AIA (American Institute of Architecture) member who has been designing personal homes and coordinating large commercial projects since 1987. A few of his highlights include the New Parliament House in Canberra, Australia and the Deschutes Brewery Production Facility in Bend, Oregon.